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Exterior Renovation

Exterior renovation includes restoring, renewing or improving the appearance and external features as well as the efficiency of the building envelope.

Exterior renovation includes: changing exterior covering that is worn, outdated or damaged; adding structural elements; enlarging areas to improve comfort; new roofing to provide better protection from the elements; changing doors and windows for energy efficiency; or simply because you are wanting a renewed look.

The work could also include: addition of a balcony, porch, terrace, sundeck or patio; sealing and insulating door and window frames; garage construction; disaster recovery; demolition of all types; or adaptation and home expansion.

Following the renovations, a new exterior is obtained that is redesigned or rebuilt, more pleasant and value added to your building.

YP Renovation Inc. as general contractor is responsible for all stages of repairs from the simplest to the most complex. Our experts carry out construction projects of all kinds with great care and to the highest standards.